MAAC has developed rewarding career paths for all aspiring students in the year 2021.

Let’s take a look at MAAC Virtual Learning, which is the future of education, in this blog today. The Pandemic Year 2020 transformed the world by replacing old techniques with new technologies; all global activities were shifted to Digital Transformation.

Traditional classroom learning was disrupted in 2020, resulting in an increase in the Virtual Learning Process. Virtual mediums are accepted in all levels of education, from pre-school to professional education, for the convenience of students of all ages.

Virtual Learning is a ‘Online’ Learning Process in which teachers and students communicate and exchange knowledge via a digital platform; it differs greatly from traditional face-to-face classroom activity.

During the pandemic, MAAC implemented fully virtual learning programmes to ensure that their students could continue with their courses from the safety of their homes.

For aspiring multimedia learners, virtual learning has opened up a world of career opportunities.

MAAC also launched a brand-new service called ‘Online Varsity,’ which allows students to access their courses 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any location.

Discover New Age Career Paths With MAAC

Video Editing

Video editing is a new age career path that necessitates some fundamental skills, creativity, and a lot of practise. To become a video editor, you can begin with small edits such as short films, commercials, and music videos before progressing to feature films.

Editing with purpose is critical; MAAC Online Video Editing Course not only makes its students aware of various editing techniques and tools, but also trains them to work with deadlines and expectations.

An editor’s approach must be unique and creative; your unique craftsmanship can set you apart from other editors.

Along with teaching technical aspects, MAAC’s experienced faculty prepares its students to handle any crisis, ensuring that their work is not disrupted in the middle of a project.

Video editing is more than just “cutting and pasting”; it is about telling the story.

As a result, whether you are a beginner or an experienced video editor, you can enrol in the MAAC Video Editing Course to learn about or improve your skills in digital non-linear editing.

Other appealing MAAC Courses, in addition to Video Editing, are available through Virtual Learning.

Web Design, Graphic Design, Compositing, Architectural Design, Visual Effects, Gaming and Multimedia, 3D Animation, Augmented Reality, and Digital Filmmaking are among them. Virtual and augmented reality are extremely popular in the gaming industry, while visual effects, compositing, and 3D animation are critical components of film industry.

Digital Filmmaking And Technology

Filmmaking technology has advanced significantly from analogue to digital formats; digital devices have expanded the possibilities and opportunities available to every filmmaker. Filmmakers all over the world prefer low-cost digital cameras; aspiring filmmakers can make movies with as little as a mobile phone or a handy cam.

MAAC’s Digital Filmmaking Course is one of the most popular courses for learning the fundamentals of filmmaking, pre-production, sound editing, clay animation, and much more. By enrolling in MAAC’s Digital Filmmaking Course, one can pursue a career in Direction, Screenwriting, or Cinematography.

With the advent of the internet, digital filmmakers can now show their films to audiences all over the world.

MAAC students get opportunity to learn software like Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, After Effect and Adobe Audition under Digital Filmmaking Course.

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