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Student of the month

Congratulations to G.Sai Shashank got student of the month in Maac Dlisukhngar for making Vector Art by using Photoshop. To begin your career with us click on http://maacdilsukhnagar.com Or simply call us at 7799902800.

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Watch your dreams come to life in 3D

Explore the best opportunities in 3D Animation To learn additional concerning  game development, visual effects, 3D animation, and internet style try http://maacdilsukhnagar.com/. MAAC Dilsukhnagar is one among the highest animation colleges in Hyderabad that’s dedicated to honing the abilities of scholars with a passion...

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The world’s most popular “sailor man” may be “strong to the finish,” but he shows no signs of nearing the finish line any time soon. Who turned 90 this year, an iconic cartoon character...