5 Things to Consider Before Pursuing a Career in Gaming

The gaming business in India has seen a tremendous increase in the number of career prospects in recent years. According to a Deloitte India estimate, the gaming sector in India is predicted to reach $2.8 billion by 2022, with a CAGR of 40%. With the country’s gaming ecosystem expanding at rapid speed (especially since the pandemic-induced boom in gaming), many young people are keen to begin working in the business full-time.

Many people are unaware that becoming a game developer, VFX and graphics artist, shoutcaster (commentator for gaming events), gaming animator, game producer, gaming events or community manager, and many more alternatives exist in the gaming industry. However, in order to succeed, you need to choose any one of these roles and put in dedicated and consistent efforts.

If you are someone who’s looking to kick-start your career in the gaming space, here are five important tips/suggestions that shall prove to be useful:

Set the right expectations

Even while a job in gaming may appear to be profitable (and it is), one should not join the gaming bandwagon just for the sake of becoming wealthy or famous. Rather, it is critical that you conduct your own thorough research to determine the finest gaming career path/profile that is connected with your passions and skill sets, and so perfectly suits you! It may take some time to figure this out, whether through trial and error or otherwise, but keep going and you will eventually find the right fit. Also, in our field, it’s unrealistic to expect immediate success; instead, keep hustling with a long-term vision, and success, celebrity, and money will follow: as and when you prove yourself worthy!

Be serious from day one

When you decide to pursue a career in the gaming industry, you must be serious about your mindset and finances, as well as willing to spend your time and effort (or both, if necessary) right away. In general, there are two types of professionals in this field: those who work for themselves (such as ‘pro’ gamers and gaming content providers) and those who work for a company (for a gaming company maybe). You must decide which of these two paths you want to take and take your next moves accordingly. If you’re a complete beginner, it’s best to get some hands-on experience working for someone else first, and then launch your own gaming venture/brand (if you wish so!). 

Make learning your priority

The game industry is (and will continue to be) ever-evolving, you must constantly learn, retrain, upgrade, and/or upskill yourself in order to stay competitive. However, acquiring and getting in-depth information is much more necessary before beginning a career in the game industry in any capacityIn today’s Digital age, there are a plethora of learning resources available, including Youtube, Google, online courses on sites such as Udemy and Coursera, and even personal chats/interactions (with seasoned players or gaming industry professionals)! Similarly, numerous schools and academic institutions have begun to offer gaming-related courses, subjects, or degrees in recent years. With so many learning opportunities accessible, it’s up to you to pick the finest ones and make sure you’re learning and using only those topics and abilities that will be useful to you and your chosen professional path. 

Connect and build your network

It is practically hard to grow in the online gaming sector on your own. As a result, it makes sense to take a collaborative, pleasant, and social attitude, interacting with and learning from like-minded individuals who are directly or indirectly related to your chosen gaming career path. As soon as you begin your gaming career, turn on your ‘networking switch.’ It’s easier than ever to build the appropriate kind of network for yourself these days, thanks to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even Discord and other gaming communities. You might also be able to attend gaming conferences, events, or meet-ups. In the long run, networking may help you not only prepare for impending challenges/issues in your gaming career, but also give you with a lot of “leverage” and keep you up to date on the latest opportunities, trends, and advances in the industry. 

Dream big, start small

You may have already completed your study and self-education, acquired your talents, and are eager to begin your unorthodox career in the gaming industry. But, in terms of what you want to achieve from your gaming profession, have you set short- and long-term goals? If not, now is the time to start. When setting down your job goals (ideally on paper), don’t be afraid to dream big, but remember to keep your objectives quantifiable, clear, and time-bound. Once you’ve finished, get to work; start small and take one step at a time, but always be ready and excited to do whatever it takes to achieve your objectives.

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