Best career opportunities after 10th/12th

Sometimes people think that it is not a good thing to think about the career options after the 10th or 12th beforehand. This concept is completely wrong. You should always have a basic plan about the career options you want to take up if you want to succeed in future. For that, you need to know certain career options so that you can browse through them to understand the opportunities. So in this article, we have talked about a few career options for you which can make you understand the different aspects of these worlds and you can make up your mind about which one to take up after your 10th or 12th. 


Currently, the animation is one of the most booming career options. If you love watching cartoons and also have an inclination towards them then animation can be a great way to express you. You just have to make sure that you create an individual ATI your R and also learn all the theoretical concepts and technical tools properly to create animation. It is all about some moving art. So you can also play with the movements of your characters according to the projects. 

VFX art

It is all about visual effects in different photos and videos. If you have an understanding of different effects as per the requirement of the project then you can surely take up VFX art as your career option after the 10th or 12th. You will get a lot of courses online and offline to learn the skill. After learning all the concepts you should take up some projects to implement those concepts to solve real-time project issues. Once you are done with all these things you can apply for jobs along with your certificate in this industry. 

Game design

The people who love gaming can also think about game designing as their career option after the 10th or 12th. In this sector, if you are good at coding and also have a thing for designing characters and different situations in a game then it can surely be a very good option for you to have a bright career. So you can choose to give a serious career if you want to design some personalized game all by yourself. You just have to make sure that you take up right courses to understand the concept and learn the right skills to proceed with the knowledge. 

Multimedia design

Nowadays almost all media sector is using multimedia to have abettor promotional content. If you want to be marketing but also want to implement your creative ideas then you can learn multimedia to have a better prospect in the media industry. You can learn multimedia are from some renowned Institute and then get a proper certification to search for serious jobs. If you don’t want to be in a full-time job then you can also work as a freelance multimedia artist and earn a lot of money by working for yourself. Isn’t that a great idea?

Graphic design

The people who have arts from childhood or do painting or drawing as their hobbies can be graphic designers by learning a few digital skills. Nowadays whenever we look at any advertisement even a small visiting card, we get to see the work of a magnificent designer somewhere. So if you want to mix with your kill and monetize your love for painting then graphic designing can be a great career option for you after your 12th. You can browse through different courses available and then enrol yourself in a certification course to get a job in future as a graphic designer. 

Digital artist

If you are a digital artist then along with the graphic design in work you may also have to design a few info graphic contents for your clients. For this purpose, you will meet some marketing ideas as well. If you are a person who is good with communication can try out to be a digital artist by learning a few skills. Digital art-related software is updating itself at every moment. So you also have to be quite updated about those technologies if you want to be in this industry on a long-run basis. 


You can get into the media world by learning different skills related to the media. Copywriting is one of them. In this profession, you have to write effective copies so that the marketing can be done for a particular product or service. It is directly related to sales or marketing and that is why you need to have a certain idea about marketing if you want to take up copy lighting after the 12th. It is a profitable career if you decide to be a freelancer.

These are some efficient career options that can make you well equipped with your skills after the 12th. You just have to take up good quality courses to get into these industries and earn from them.

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