A lucrative career in the animation and visual effects profession

Animation is rejuvenating objects and pictures to give entertaining diversion. The global animation and VFX industry is assessed to arrive at 85.9 billion by 2022*. This implies that individuals are starting to see the value in the endeavours put in by artists and production houses to make engaging motion pictures. Production houses like Walt Disney Productions, Pixar Ltd, Warner Bros and DreamWorks Animation, and so on have siphoned in millions to make these films as they see a potential on the lookout. 

Motion pictures like Gravity, Troy, World War Z, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter arrangement and so forth and TV arrangement like Games of Thrones, Walking Dead and numerous others have utilized VFX to cause reasonable situations and characters, bringing about grants and awards. This underscores the significance of innovation to make an effective item.

So what does the mix the animation and VFX industry give enthusiasts and aspiring animators? The appropriate responses are to some degree basic but stowed away from vision as a great many people go in for the undeniable one. How about we investigate the reasons why individuals ought to pick a profession in this industry.

Fame & glamour

presumably this is an amazing power to draw individuals to take up a vocation in the media business. With the entire plan of rankling lights and paparazzi copying the celluloid life, who wouldn’t have any desire to be a part of this industry!

Monetary rewards

Money flowing in is gigantic. With production houses spending money to make an amazing and magical experience for viewers, no stone is left unturned. That is the place where artists are given the venture needed to take care of business and henceforth, weighty salary packages and rewards.

Creativity nurturing

In certain way, everyone is a creative person. This industry ensures that innovation is cultivated at every opportunity. It allows animators to stretch their imaginations and extend their flights.


To create one final version, 2D and 3D animation, character modelling, VFX, lighting, rendering, technical animation, art direction, and production management collaborate. It allows animators to choose their area of specialty, specialise in it, and advance professionally in that industry. Specialization aids the animator’s career planning and progress.

Start Anytime

As previously stated, everyone is creative in certain extent. Even though life influences the majority of our decisions, there is no age limit for starting a career in animation or visual effects. Anyone can begin at any time. Learning never stops, and neither does pursuing an animation profession with a creative mind.

Gaming industry

The gaming sector is expanding at a rapid pace. This has boosted the demand for skilled animators who can bring video games to life. Characters, storylines, coloring, graphics, movement, and performance are all important in the gaming industry. Overall, animation in video games is incredibly significant and provides lucrative employment prospects.

Mobile industry

There is a demand for application developers as the smartphone industry grows. The majority of the abilities learned as an animator can be used to a career in the mobile business.

Recognition and rewards

Various organizations and groups exist in the business to encourage animators, developers, and staff to work hard and reach the pinnacle of achievement. They are publicly praised for their achievements.

Contact builders

It is easier to socialise and make good contacts now that individuals are more involved on a global scale. This allows you to create opportunities to advance your career. Networking has always been effective in ensuring that the appropriate people are chosen for the right jobs.

Freelance: With the industry in need of animators and developers to help with their projects, you may always work as a freelancer.

Just for fun

Last but not least, people should pursue careers in the media because it is their passion. Nothing can set you up for success if you don’t have the motivation. Technology advancements, the filmmaking process, the flash and glam of award ceremonies, and raking in the cash are all by-products of your efforts. There is nothing more satisfying than doing what you enjoy.

The animation and visual effects industry works around the clock to meet project deadlines. As the audience becomes older, each project will involve experienced animators and developers. You have enjoyment while working since you have so much freedom to express your creativity. With the business predicted to grow by billions, there is little doubt that aspiring to be an animator is a worthwhile goal to pursue if the opportunity arises.

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